Yulia Hanansen’s Intricate Works Transform Spaces Large and Small

From her home studio in Cedarcroft, mosaic artist Yulia Hanansen creates beautifully intricate works for both private and public spaces. Her installations for kitchen, bathroom and outdoor spaces adorn homes locally and throughout the United States. She also creates large-scale works—most recently an 8-by-16-foot installation at the public library in Elkridge, Maryland, which depicts an underwater diver who discovers a fanciful world inhabited by sea creatures and a treasure chest filled with books.

“Return to the Ocean”

When creating installations for kitchens, such as this expansive backsplash inspired by ancient sea-dwelling ammonites, Yulia starts with a theme and creates a design to scale. Once the client has signed off, she gets to work assembling the mosaic in her studio. It’s a painstaking process that unfolds over many weeks.

“For this piece, like most kitchen and bathroom projects, I used stained glass and grouted the mosaic for easy cleaning. Each piece of glass is individually hand-cut and then hand-placed and attached to the panel,” she explains.

Once the work is complete, she delivers it (or has it shipped) to the client’s home to be installed.

“With ‘Return to the Ocean,’ I wanted to create an underwater scene right there in the kitchen,” Yulia says. “The unwinding spirals of ammonite fossils are so beautiful and have always attracted me.”

“Sedona Garden”

When clients living in Arizona began plans to renovate their kitchen, they first turned to Yulia to create two poppy-infused installations.

“Then they completed the renovation based on the colors and design of the mosaics,” she says. “This family wanted scenes [mosaics] to evoke the scene outside the window in their Sedona home—a continuation of the landscape—so they sent me photos of their property.”

In addition to the vibrant red of Arizona poppies, Yulia worked with Jimsonweed flowers, irises and expansive hills as a backdrop.

Learn more about Yulia and her work at MosaicSphere.com.