Home: the central place in our lives—where we rest our heads, nourish our bodies and forge fond memories with the ones we love. For my family, home is our space to reconnect and relax. After 17 years in our home, we’ve done some remodeling, a few rounds of decorating and have watched our style morph to be, well, comfortable.

This month, we bring you our Home Issue, which is full of ideas for making your space well-appointed, clutter-free and beautiful. You’ll also want to check out our article about the Azola family, Towson-based builders who have devoted half a century to preserving and restoring some of our area’s most treasured buildings and homes.

We hope this issue inspires you to appreciate the place you call home—both your personal dwelling and our shared community—whether you’ve just moved to the Towson area or it’s a place your family has occupied for generations. Home is both a place and a feeling. Happy living!