Fresh Tips to Keep Your Home Organized

“The best way to find out what we really need is to get rid of what we don’t.” —tidying expert Marie Kondo

The days are getting longer, the thaw is on and you can feel the buzz of spring in the air. Who doesn’t love the arrival of spring and the potential it holds for purging extra layers, coats, hats and gloves to make way for a fresh palette of colors and a declutter of the piles of winter? Spring is the perfect time to lessen the load or, in the home organization sense, clean out your closets, streamline your cupboards and get your desk organized for tax season. 

Remember that New Year’s resolution to get organized in 2019? Now is the perfect time! Start off with your entryway or mudroom. At this point in the season, the hats, gloves and mittens need a good wash and to be tucked away. Baskets make perfect and attractive storage solutions and provide the perfect place to store everything from lacrosse sticks to helmets, mittens to sunscreen. I recommend a wicker or grass variation because they are not only durable but gentle on your floors or shelves as they get shifted. Coats that have been outgrown or seldom worn can be donated to Health Care for the Homeless or another local shelter. 

Winter has meant a lot of time spent indoors, which means we are all ready for a new view. Spring is the perfect time for fresh colors, new throw pillows and great scents. Ruxton Mercantile carries the Laundress Line, and I love their “Home Spray”—perfect after such a long stretch without open windows. Home Goods is a great and affordable spot to find new photo frames, great housecleaning products or sunny dishtowels to brighten up your kitchen.  

Have fun getting organized this spring!

Ashley’s Tips

1. Organize your desk or kitchen command center with this large sorter. Pick from your favorite pattern or color, and say goodbye to your messy piles of paper.

2. Clean out your kitchen cupboards. Start with the spice cabinet: Throw out, recycle and replenish. Add a Lazy Susan: You can store double the spices in half the space!

3. Drawer organizers are perfect for nearly every drawer, creating spaces for everything from paperclips to makeup, hardware supplies to kitchen tools. Say goodbye to the catch-all drawer.

4. Drawer liners are such a nice treat. With scents such as cotton and fresh linen, your clothing will smell fantastic. While inserting the liners, take time to streamline the contents of your drawers.

5. Velvet hangers are fantastic for saving space, holding even delicate clothing in place and giving your closet the look of a boutique.

Ashley’s Favorite Products for Spring 

1. See Jane Work Desktop Large Sorter, Blue Herringbone, $15,

2.  Two-Tier Stainless Steel Lazy Susan, $24.99,

3. Six-Section Drawer Organizer, Easy Fit Clear, $10.78,

4. Raymond Waites Drawer Liners, $15.99,

5. Sunbeam Velvet Hangers, $21.99,

Items in Basket:

1. Woven basket with pom-poms, $14.99, Home Goods

2. GC Signature Peony & Honeysuckle scented sachets, $3.99, Home Goods

3. Home Spray by the Laundress, $10, Ruxton Mercantile

4. Abeego, the Reusable Beeswax Food Wrap,  $18, Ruxton Mercantile

5. Full Circle mini brush & dustpan set, $5.99, Home Goods

6. Max Studio Picture Frame, $7.99, Home Goods

7. April Cornell kitchen set, $12.99, Home Goods

8. Kate Spade throw pillow, $16.99, Home Goods

9. Monaco Home velvet hangers, set of 35 for $12.99, Home Goods