New Buildings at Goucher College

This fall, Goucher College opened three new buildings for students, including two residence halls—Fireside Hall and Trustees Hall—as well as the new Mary Fisher Dining and Student Center. The openings were timed to welcome one of the largest first-year classes in the college’s history. The new developments were designed using behavioral science and are focused on student engagement and retention by creating inclusive living-learning environments. 

Brick-oven pizza is just one of many options in the new dining center, which also offers a “global bowl” station, a kosher and halal spot (and separate kosher kitchen) and allergen-free offerings. There is a prepared food section downstairs, with ready-to-eat sandwiches and salads. The dining center is open to the public. Notably, credit cards are finally accepted.

“These new facilities are designed to reinforce a stronger campus community, through vibrant shared spaces in which students will live and learn together,” said Vice President and Dean of Students Bryan Coker.


Design Concerns for Two Major Towson Projects

Towson Row and Towson Station, two major projects planned for downtown Towson, took a step forward in the development process in mid-September, when Baltimore County’s Design Review Panel approved each project, under the condition that each developer address its concerns.

The six-member review panel—comprising engineers, architects and others knowledgeable in design—asked Towson Row developers to make sure that transformers are not visible from the street. The panel also requested that Towson Station developers encourage more pedestrian traffic by installing more sidewalks along the planned three-building retail development on the corner of York Road and Bosley Avenue.


Front Porch Church Makes Its Debut

Front Porch Church, “a Christian Church rooted in the York Road corridor of Baltimore City,” opened on Sept. 16 at 6122 York Road, with Andy McNeely as pastor.

“The name Front Porch Church comes from the idea that the front porch of the home is the bridge from the community space (the street) and the house (intimate space),” noted the group’s planners. “Front Porch Church aims to build bridges between community space and intimate space in the same way that the front porch does.” 

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Padonia Road Ramp Closure

The ramp to head north on Interstate 83 from Padonia Road was closed starting Sept. 19 and will remain closed until summer 2021, according to the Maryland State Highway Administration.

The closure will allow crews to widen Padonia Road underneath the northbound and southbound bridges that carry I-83 overhead. The $22 million project is expected to ease traffic on Padonia Road during peak travel hours. The closure, according to the MSHA, marks the first step in a project that will also replace the I-83 bridges over Padonia Road.