The maker movement has taken hold, and suddenly it seems like we are all makers in one way or another. If you knit sweaters, brew your own beer or build birdhouses out of old shingles and paperclips, you qualify. Join the club, friend. You’re one of us!

While some makers are content to create for an audience of one, with little concern for marketability and public appeal, others, like those featured in this issue, have raised their crafts to art forms. 

When I first met Nancy Scheinman at a meeting of the local Rotary Club, I had no idea she was one of the most innovative and accomplished collage artists in the United States, with pieces in museums and private collections worldwide. Then I was introduced to Tim McFadden, a talented local glass blower, whose colorful creations are brightening homes and public spaces from Towson to Tokyo. And finally, Nem Popov, the mastermind behind Roggenart, whose sublime baked goods are at the heart of a fast-growing empire that includes a popular location on Falls Road, and 20 others in Europe.

These are just a few of the fascinating and extraordinarily talented makers who call the area home, and we are glad to share their stories with you.