Thankful: it’s a word that gets tossed around a lot this time of year, as November arrives and 2017 draws to a close.

And although it typically marks the winding down of the year, November is also a season of beginnings. This month begins the season of giving and the season of receiving. It begins the season of family gatherings and time spent with friends. It’s the month of Thanksgiving Day parades, Black Friday shopping, Mom’s traditional holiday dinners and naps on the couch when you’ve had too much turkey … or casserole … or pie …

When we fill this magazine each month with local restaurants, locally-owned businesses and inspiring members of the community, it’s because we’re thankful for everything the place we call home has to offer.

So, thank you for taking the time to join us as we strive to connect you with your community.

We hope you will take some time to think about what you’re thankful for this November. May you find gratitude in the little things, and may the list of what you’re thankful for be long.

Have a great November and happy Thanksgiving!