A New Year’s Change

 Happy New Year, Towson!
  Whether you welcomed the arrival of 2018 by raising a flute of Champagne, a can of Natty Boh, sparkling cider or a bottle of kombucha tea, everyone at Towson Lifestyle hopes you were surrounded by the good cheer of family and friends.   
We feel privileged to have spent 2017 with you and look forward to another great year.…

January 2018 Around Town

    Over the Thanksgiving season, Towson’s local Elks Chapter hosted a Thanksgiving dinner for more than 50 of the area’s veterans. The dinner, a partnership with American Legion Towson Post 22, was pre-empted by a Veterans Day ceremony on November 11 that began at the Wayside Cross located near Towson Circle and moved to the Towson memorials dedicated to the…

Resolute Workouts 

During the ancient era, the Babylonians promised their gods to return borrowed goods at the beginning of each year. Over the course of their republic and empire, the Romans made promises to the god of beginnings, Janus, for whom the first month of the year is now named. During the Medieval era, knights took a “peacock vow” at the end…

Celebrate the 2018 Bowl Season

First, you see a bouquet of vivid colors. Then you hear the sizzle. The crackling intensifies as you stir the crunchy rice at the bottom of the black ceramic bowl. A fried egg, especially when it’s sunny side up, adds whimsy to the dish.

Om on Your Own

Jessica Klaitman has been practicing yoga for 15 years and teaching for more than eight. She acquired her 200-hour certification through Yogaworks in 2009 and an additional 300 hours in 2010. Jessica specializes in pre- and postnatal yoga, as well as restorative and aerial yoga. Her classes emphasize breath, alignment, philosophy and community.

Living in Style

W hen Lisa Chamness and her husband bought their 1920s Colonial Revival nine years ago, they didn’t plan on staying long.

Making a Dent in the Universe

“Everyone has a basic character,” Victor Brick says. “We are a nurse and a teacher—we are givers.”

The Art, Science and Magic of Hex Ferments

The fermented foods and drinks made by Meaghan and Shane Carpenter, owners of Hex Ferments in Belvedere Square, appeal to the eyes as well as the palate. Deep yellow sauerkrauts, brilliant orange kimchis and bottles of kombucha tea that look like liquid jewels—these are just a few of the gorgeous, delicious creations Hex offers.