Influential Teachers

Jillien Lakatta doesn’t mind a little strategic chaos in her classroom. That’s when her students are most comfortable working through a challenge, especially when tackling the real-world complexities of the World Peace Game, a hands-on, political simulation game with issues from refugee crises to oil spills. This March, her class strategized and collaborated as four countries, the U.N., World Bank…

If You Can Read This, Thank A Teacher

With the celebration of local men in June and all of our adventures and fun in July, this summer has already been quite an eventful one. We had so much fun, it’s hard to believe it’s almost time to end. But, as the song goes, school’s out for summer (we’ll just go ahead and skip that next line declaring school…

August 2017 Around Town

In a 6-0 vote, Baltimore City’s Land Use and Transportation Committee approved plans to construct a $40 million, 148-unit apartment complex at 1190 W. Northern Parkway. The development, named The Overlook at Roland Park, has been subject to controversy in recent months, as both residents and commuters expressed their concerns over the development’s potential impact on the already congested traffic…

Satisfying Your Wanderlust

Perfect road trips abound around Baltimore. Here are three to tempt the traveler in you. Each is under three hours away—perfect for a romantic getaway, family vacay or just because. What are you waiting for?

Express Yourself

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Galler’s Playlist

Towson’s own WTMD is home to many great DJs and on-air
personalities with lots of diverse musical interests and tastes. 
Matt Galler—known simply as Galler on air—hosts the popular WTMD show "After Drive." He put together a playlist especially for Towson Lifestyle, a 
recommendation of 12 songs to check out this summer. Some of the names on the 
 list you…

Legends on the Rise

Legends of Et cetera: Serena Miller, vocals, guitar; Mack Watson, keys; Graham von Briesen, bass; and Jacob Coburn, drums, are a Towson-area indie rock band who released their first full-length album, "Coyote," in 2015. What makes this all the more impressive is that when the album debuted, they were all still in high school.

Casey Cares Foundation

When Casey Baynes was in middle school, she saw a story on the news about horrendous floods displacing families throughout the Midwest. She couldn’t stop thinking about a little girl going to bed at night without her lost teddy bear. “It really bothered me,” Casey recalls. “I started making flyers and put them around my school and my church and…

The Rhythms of Summer

If you want to see live music in the Baltimore area, there’s no shortage of popular venues. In addition to the most well-known locales—like Rams Head Live! and the Otto Bar—Baltimore is also home to much lesser-known, but equally great, places to snap your fingers and tap your feet to some live tunes, and a few of these gems are…