Publisher’s Picks

 Article and Photography  KRISTEN COOPER IS TOWSON LIFESTYLE’S NEW PUBLISHER. She shared with us some of her favorite things.  1. Saucony running shoes: Charm City Run

Perfect Patios

 Photography Keith J. Schneider  With the summer months upon us, take some time to relax outdoors. These perfect area patios are great for a refreshing drink or catching up with friends or family in the summer sun.  1. Michael's Cafe

Man-Made Manhattan

 Article and Photography    Ingredients

MaryBeth Hyland and Her Mom, Patti

 Article Ashley Stimpson  CoverGirl Spellbound and Maybelline Smoked Sliver and Pure Gold.  Target, $6.85

The Art, Science and Magic of Hex Ferments

The fermented foods and drinks made by Meaghan and Shane Carpenter, owners of Hex Ferments in Belvedere Square, appeal to the eyes as well as the palate. Deep yellow sauerkrauts, brilliant orange kimchis and bottles of kombucha tea that look like liquid jewels—these are just a few of the gorgeous, delicious creations Hex offers.

Galler’s Playlist

Towson’s own WTMD is home to many great DJs and on-air
personalities with lots of diverse musical interests and tastes. 
Matt Galler—known simply as Galler on air—hosts the popular WTMD show "After Drive." He put together a playlist especially for Towson Lifestyle, a 
recommendation of 12 songs to check out this summer. Some of the names on the 
 list you…

The Ice and Snow of Summer

Legend has it, Eskimos have 100 different words for ice and snow. But, it’s summertime, you’ve weathered another Maryland winter and the only kind of ice and snow that should concern you now can be summed up in one word: delicious. In and around Towson, there are countless places to satisfy your summer sweet tooth. The following three, though, are…