From Foster to Family

 Article Joy Freedman  Rogers Forge resident Betsy Duer adopted her very first dog, Gwen, 10 years ago from a local rescue. She had very little experience with dogs, and her new addition came with some fear-reactive issues with other pets. While Duer was working with a trainer to correct these issues, they discussed the possibility of fostering a dog.  The…


When Towson residents Carol Newill, Wendy Jacobs and Beth Miller founded the Green Towson Alliance in the spring of 2015, they were driven by a common mission: To unite local environmentalists to achieve a greener, healthier, more beautiful community, through collaboration and activism.

Debbie Phelps, Executive Director for the Education Foundation for BCPS

After waiting a moment to interject into the conversation, an onlooker begins to ask the all-too-familiar question. But, Debbie Phelps graciously lends a handshake and the proper answer prior to the question being fully formed. “Yes,” she says, enthusiastically and excitedly. “I am Debbie Phelps, executive director of the Education Foundation for Baltimore County Public Schools. Mother to Hilary, Whitney…

B.J. + Polly Surhoff: Making an Impact Off The Field

It was a scary time for the young Surhoff family in 1994 when their 2-year-old son, Mason, was diagnosed with autism. At the time, autism was not very well-known, much less understood, by the community or even by most health care professionals. "There was no prognosis. It was ‘Your son’s autistic,’ and [it was] very cold, matter-of-fact,” B.J. Surhoff recalls.