Moms on a Mission

 Jocelyn Gainers  President and CEO, the Family Recovery Program, Inc.  Her Mission : Launched by Jocelyn in 2011 as a nonprofit, the program aims to reunite families by offering specialized programs for parents who are recovering from substance abuse. In September 2016, the Family Recovery Program, Inc. added a residential component: 23 apartments at the Sage Center in East Baltimore…

Fully Evolved

Before she begins any new work, interior designer Meghan Friedman, owner of Redhead Design, spends a significant amount of time really getting to know her clients.

Mosaic Magic

From her home studio in Cedarcroft, mosaic artist Yulia Hanansen creates beautifully intricate works for both private and public spaces. Her installations for kitchen, bathroom and outdoor spaces adorn homes locally and throughout the United States. She also creates large-scale works—most recently an 8-by-16-foot installation at the public library in Elkridge, Maryland, which depicts an underwater diver who discovers a fanciful…

Summer Staycations

If a trip to Disney World or the Jamaican islands isn’t in the cards for your family this summer, fear not. Fun is just a car ride away with these tried-and-true day trips that won’t break your budget. 

Summer Programs

 Baltimore County Sailing Center  Programs available for ages 6–18, focusing on fundamentals of sailing, fishing and seamanship.

Get a Load of This!

 Reduce   When local homeowner Royce Faddis needed to replace a front door in her 1940s-era home, she didn’t head to the nearest big-box home improvement store. She drove down to the Loading Dock in southeast Baltimore, a nonprofit building materials reuse center, where the motto is: “You can build a house with what other people throw away.”  Royce was motivated…

The Foraging Chef

For Chef Chris Amendola, the hours he spends tramping through the woods of Baltimore and Carroll counties gathering wild mushrooms, berries and other delicacies are just as crucial to the success of his restaurant as those he spends in the kitchen.

Granola Guru

A delectable granola bar that Michele Tsucalas savored at a Martha’s Vineyard bakery one summer 18 years ago changed the course of her life.

Recycle, Reuse and Go Native

Laurie Taylor-Mitchell is president of the Student Support Network, a nonprofit organization assisting students in need in Baltimore County Public Schools. She also coordinates the Weed Warriors Program at Cromwell Valley Park and in her limited spare time loves to garden with native plants and dream about changing how we live—one plastic bag less at a time.

Saving History: The Azola Legacy in Baltimore

Situated at the corner of Shawan and Beaver Dam roads, the Oregon General Store sat dilapidated and decaying in the mid-1980s. It had once been a thriving company store and post office that served iron-mining families in the surrounding Oregon Company town during the mid-1880s. But the property had been vacant for 50 years when a young Marty Azola came…