The Lost Town of Warren 

 Article Alexander Bird   For at least a century, local legends have been an integral part of the Loch Raven Reservoir community.   But while tales of the hauntings at Glen Ellen Castle, a gothic mansion that once sat on the shores of the loch, and reported UFO sightings near the Loch Raven Dam have never been borne out, there is one…

Finding the Right Fit

 Article Sue DePasquale | Photography Provided  Choosing a private school for your child is a highly personal decision, and with the plethora of standout schools in the Towson area, narrowing your choices can seem daunting. Fortunately, fall is the ideal time to start your search, since most schools offer open houses and information days throughout October and November. Here are…

Publisher’s Picks

 Article and Photography  KRISTEN COOPER IS TOWSON LIFESTYLE’S NEW PUBLISHER. She shared with us some of her favorite things.  1. Saucony running shoes: Charm City Run

Greetings, Neighbors!

I am excited to introduce myself and take a minute to thank you for reading Towson Lifestyle. I am a longtime area resident and magazine professional. Recently the opportunity to take the lead on Towson Lifestyle was presented, and I eagerly said yes. At a time when we are all so busy with family, work … Continued

September 2018 Around Town

Olszewski Wins Democratic Primary for Baltimore County Executive In a down-to-the-wire election race that required officials to recount by hand some 87,222 ballots, Johnny Olszewski Jr. was affirmed on July 14 as the winner of the Democratic primary for Baltimore County Executive. The former state delegate beat second-place finisher state Sen. Jim Brochin by just 17 votes. … Continued

Pets Welcome

 Article Jeanette Simmons | Photography Keith J Schneider  You know that look your dog gives you when she can tell you’re about to leave the house? She follows you to the front door, cocks her head and stares at you with those big, soulful eyes. “Please, Mom. Take me with you,” they seem to say. That’s when your heart melts…

Straight Talk about Orthodontics

 Article Jeanette Simmons | Photography Nicole Allen  When your child’s dentist tells you it’s time to seek a consultation with an orthodontist, it’s natural to have questions and concerns. To find out more about the latest trends in orthodontics, we reached out to Dr. Elizabeth Spannhake, a board-certified orthodontic specialist with offices in Towson and Westminster, who is dedicated to providing…

From Foster to Family

 Article Joy Freedman  Rogers Forge resident Betsy Duer adopted her very first dog, Gwen, 10 years ago from a local rescue. She had very little experience with dogs, and her new addition came with some fear-reactive issues with other pets. While Duer was working with a trainer to correct these issues, they discussed the possibility of fostering a dog.  The…

Celebrating Family

When you think of family, what comes to mind? Maybe it’s the people you share your mornings with: the husband or wife who makes you breakfast, the toddler who wakes you up before sunrise or the drooling pup in the kitchen just itching for a full dish of food. Maybe it’s the people you share … Continued

August 2018 Around Town

Two BCPS Students Selected for 2018 National Youth Orchestra Bassoonist Vincent Igusa of Towson High School and oboist Kara Poling of Franklin High School are among the 106 musicians selected for the sixth annual National Youth Orchestra of the United States of America. Vincent and Kara are the only two students to represent Maryland on … Continued