Messy Hands, Happy Hearts 1

At Towson Presbyterian Preschool, "the Art’s the Thing"

After months of paint-spattered hands and glue-y fingers, of reading aloud Dr. Seuss and listening to Raffi’s best hits, of researching birds’ nests and beaver lodges, the young students of Towson Presbyterian Preschool unveiled their culminating artistic creations at the preschool’s annual art show in March.

A tradition that dates back more than 50 years, the art show is a super fun way for the preschool’s little ones to create and learn, notes Preschool Director Leslie Foretich.

“The teachers and students in each class choose a theme, and then beginning in January, we wrap the curriculum around that theme,” she explains.

In the weeks that follow, the children “produce lots of original and open-ended art to show all they learned.”

This year, the 4’s classes focused on “animal homes” and train travel to the National Parks, learning about Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, geysers and more. Children in the 3’s classes concentrated on works by Dr. Seuss (including Yertle the Turtle) and the favorite Raffi song “Down by the Bay,” while the 2’s had a room full of farm animals, corn and a barn.

Once the paint and paper-mache had dried, the proud young artists were ready to present and celebrate their work at a Sunday afternoon open house on March 3, which drew plenty of appreciative parents, grandparents, neighbors and special friends.