Arts Preview 3

Soak Up Unconventional Theater and Art This Summer

Chesapeake Shakespeare Company: Love’s Labour’s Lost

In this comedy filled with brilliant puns, the King of Navarre and three courtiers agree to avoid the distractions of women for three years while they study and pray. How well does that go? When the gorgeous Princess of France and her ladies arrive on a diplomatic mission, the men become lovestruck, back-stabbing sneaks. Bring a picnic and enjoy the laughs In-The-Ruins at the PFI Historic Park, Ellicott City. June 28 – July 28,

Baltimore Museum of Art: Subverting Beauty: African Anti-Aesthetics

Across sub-Saharan Africa, artists working across a range of societies and cultures deliberately created artwork that violated conceptions of beauty, symmetry and grace. Subverting Beauty features approximately two dozen works from sub-Saharan African’s colonial period (c.1880–c.1960) that are composite, crude, counterintuitive and disproportionate. It explores why artists working during this turbulent period turned against beauty to express the meaning and vitality of their day-to-day existence. July 15 – Nov. 17,

Cockpit in Court: The Unexpected Guest

Lost in the fog, a stranger seeks refuge in a nearby house only to find a man shot dead and his wife standing over him with a smoking gun. A tangled web of lies reveals family secrets and chilling motives in this work by Agatha Christie, where the real murderer turns out to be the greatest mystery of all. July 20–21,

Fluid Movement: The Water Ballet

Since 1999, an ever-expanding troupe of passionate community performers has been dazzling the deep end of Baltimore City’s public pools with what has become a signature summertime tradition: Fluid Movement’s Water Ballet. From flamingo kicks to vertical lifts, the 50-minute synchronized swimming show artfully combines on-deck drama, cornball comedy, collaborative choreography and outrageous costumes. July 27–28 at Druid Hill Park and Aug. 2–4 at Patterson Park,