Patricia Lott’s Community Approach Makes Healing Available to All

Like other acupuncturists, Patricia Lott treats clients for a wide range of health conditions.

What sets her Towson clinic apart is its community approach: Rather than treating one patient at a time, alone and behind a closed door, she has 12 chairs in her spacious clinic space, allowing her to move between clients and treat multiple people concurrently.

“When I opened Community Acupuncture of Towson nine years ago, we were the first community practice in the Baltimore/Washington area,” Trish says. “I’m driven by the belief that every individual should have access to quality health care. By providing individual treatment in a community setting, I can make acupuncture accessible and affordable to a greater number of people. It’s a high-volume, low-cost business model.”

Payment at Community Acupuncture of Towson is on a sliding scale, with fees from $20 to $40 per session and no income verification needed. The goal, Trish says, is to separate the issues of money and treatment so that clients can visit often enough “to get better and stay better.”

The community setting isn’t just cost-effective, she notes.

“It provides a supportive and relaxing environment that also helps to promote healing.”

Community Acupuncture of Towson draws people of all ages and backgrounds, for health concerns ranging from back pain (the No. 1 complaint) to sports injuries to anxiety to the desire to “detox” (from sugar or smoking, for example). Trish, who holds a master’s degree from the Traditional Acupuncture Institute (now known as Maryland University of Integrative Health) treats about 80 patients each week and says she finds inspiration in the diversity of the people who walk through her doors at 320 E. Towsontown Blvd., Suite 202.

“I love it when I step into the room and see a firefighter seated next to a doctor seated next to a schoolteacher, who is next to a nurse’s aide,” she says.

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