With Bess Lumsden at Make Studios

Two days each week, Towson artist Bess Lumsden spends a good portion of her day creating new works at Make Studio on Keswick Avenue in Hamden. Established in 2010 and now home to a thriving community of 30 artists, Make Studio was launched with the belief “that providing avenues for communication, connection and empowerment to artists with disabilities equally benefits individuals and their communities.”

Bess, who works primarily with acrylics, watercolors and/or colored pencil, has long been drawn to the style of Japanese anime—though she takes an approach “that is a little bit darker, a bit more mystical and mysterious than you might expect,” she says. She’s proud to have sold a number of her works.

“In high school, they told me, ‘Anime-style stuff isn’t art. You’ll never get anywhere with that,’” she says. “Well, I guess I fooled them all!”

Learn more about Make Studio and its mission at Make-Studio.org.