Hit the Ground Running

Towson University Quarterback Tom Flacco Shares his Personal Plan for Staying Fit and Focused in 2019

Aim for at least seven hours of sleep each night: “I need to wake up most mornings by 6 a.m. to be ready for practice, lifting and team meetings. So I try to make sure I fall asleep by 11 p.m. each night.”

Do plenty of stretching before hitting the field for practice or games: “Stretching is really important for injury prevention. I get a trainer’s massage, focusing on my ankles, and also use a roller for my glutes and calves.”

Stay hydrated: “I carry around a big bottle of water all day and fill it up as soon as it empties.”

Eat more home-cooked meals: “I need to maintain my weight, so I want to do a better job of avoiding fast food. Fortunately, my mom is close by and happy to share leftovers, and my sister-in-law often invites me over for Sunday dinners.”

Make time to unwind: “I try to carve out an hour to relax each night before going to bed—by watching Netflix or a football game.”