Happy New Year!

2019 is here! Every Dec. 31, I’m mesmerized by how fast the current year has flown by. This year has been no different. Since stepping into this role of magazine publisher I’ve had a lot of “new” adventures. It has been a joy meeting so many new people, working on new stories that have activated my creative juices and finding new ways to contribute to my community. Thank you, readers and friends, for joining me on this journey.

In this issue, we’ve focused on a tried-and-true sign of newness: weddings! With our stories about local newlyweds, which highlight a  variety of wedding services in the Towson area,  we hope to inspire those of you who may be planning just such a “big day” in the year ahead.

A new year also prompts a focus on self-improvement. In this issue, we’ve provided some easy ways to be your best “you” — from tips on financial fitness to strategies for staying healthy and avoiding injury. Experts say that if you can tackle a single new healthy habit for 30 days, it will become a norm. So let’s not wait to get started!

One last thought: Rather than compiling a long list of resolutions — and feeling defeated when you can’t accomplish everything — why not consider zeroing in on just one or two? As for me, I am aiming to set aside time to read for 15 minutes every day.

Let’s make it a great year, Towson!