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Towson Tavern Owners Stay True to Their Roots

For Timonium-born brothers Brian and Scott Recher, owning a local business is in their DNA. Their grandparents owned and operated the single-screen Towson Theatre for many decades before their mother took it over in the 1970s. When the megaplex arrived in Towson, the family transformed their space into an upscale billiards room, arcade and eatery in an attempt to stay competitive.

“The acoustics in the place were just perfect for live music,” Brian remembers. Soon, the theater-turned-pool-hall turned into on ofe most popular music venues in the region.

During its 14 years of operations, Recher Theatre hosted a diverse lineup of international acts like Cheap Trick, Little Feat and George Clinton. Meanwhile, the Recher brothers invested in adjacent storefronts, opening the Rec Room and eventually the nightclub Torrent, when the theater closed in 2013.

On New Year’s Eve 2012, Scott and Brian opened Towson Tavern. They named it after the town’s first restaurant, established by Ezekiel Towson nearly 245 years before the Rechers opened theirs.

“The restaurant just fits Towson,” Brian says. “It’s traditional in a way that’s hard to explain.”

Hard to put into words, maybe, but Towson Tavern’s popularity indicates that the appeal of the restaurant is easy to understand. A few years ago, when chef Josh Vecchiolla arrived fresh from the kitchens of Baltimore City’s finest restaurants, he brought with him a menu that focused on global cuisine sourced locally.

“We were a little nervous about a farm-to-table approach, but the community loved it,” Brian says.

So did the regional publications and restaurant-week diners who lauded the new menu.

Despite their big-time success, the Rechers are still mainly focused on local appeal.

“I remember walking down this block with my grandfather on the way to check on the theater,” Brian says. “I had my first job cooking across the street at the Crease. We’ve just always been into the town.”

Judging by the crowds at Towson Tavern, the town is into the Rechers, too. 

516 York Road, Towson, Maryland, 410.337.7210, TowsonTavern.com

"We’ve always just been into the town."