Getting Fit with CrossFit Towson 10

CrossFit Towson’s self-described specialty is not specializing. While on the surface that may not make much sense, it all boils down to what the coaches and participants are trying to create—a deliberate attempt at optimizing physical competence in 10 different recognized fitness domains by using weightlifting, running and gymnastics components. Darin Winick describes the popular exercise fitness program as constantly varied functional movements at high intensity. Each one-hour class at the Towson “box” consists of a strength or skill portion in which a coach demonstrates movements and personally assists the athletes in performing them. Then, the class will execute the “workout of the day” or “WOD.” The WOD may be performed for a certain amount of time or a specific number of rounds/repetitions. Moves could include push-ups, pull-ups, advanced calisthenics, lifting items, jumping over things and simple movements. “We want to take advantage of the body’s natural movements,” Darin says. Darin calls his workout programming “raw by design,” done at relatively high intensity in an attempt to push the body to get an adaptive response. He is also a big proponent of men lifting weights because, “It is shown to trigger an increase in testosterone and human growth hormone.” And stronger, he says, is better.

The Cindy Workout

Pull Ups


Push Ups


Air Squats


Repeat as quickly as possible for about 20 minutes.

The Beach Workout (a type of away-from-the-gym workout Darin might give to an athlete going on vacation)

100-meter sprint along the beach

100-meter swim

Squat thrusts (burpees) in the sand