While we will celebrate the dads in our lives on Father’s Day (June 17), you don’t have to be a father to find something you’ll enjoy in these pages.


We’ll introduce you to some influential men in this month’s “Towson Men to Watch” feature. Learn about what makes them unique and how they’re impacting the community. If you haven’t already, you’ll probably run into one—or several—of them out on the town!


Preparing for a night (or a weekend) out with the guys? We’ll show you the perfect places to grab a drink, watch a game, and hit the links. If you’d rather play host, we provide you the perfect recipe to whip up for you and your guests. It’s guaranteed to impress. Did we mention it’s easy?


Finally, we put a spotlight on men’s health. It’s been months since many of us made New Year’s resolutions to focus on our health and now’s the perfect time for a check-in.


Happy Father’s Day and happy June, gents.