Escape Room 12

Towson Realtor Curates Personal Retreat

The room closest to Barbara Cox’s bedroom had, for many years, been set aside as a place for her children to do their homework. But once her kids no longer needed a dedicated study space, she got to work transforming it into a feminine dressing room.

Barbara says in the morning her dressing room serves a utilitarian function, but in the evenings it’s where she goes to unwind. There’s no TV, and she follows a strict no-work policy when she’s enjoying the space. Instead, surrounded by her favorite things—travel trinkets, family photos and childrens’ mementos—she cozies up in her reading chair with a book or two.

An avid reader and gardener, Barbara has incorporated nature into the room’s design.

“There’s a bit of a secret garden thing going on in there, for sure,” she says.

"It’s a dressing room, but it’s so much more than a big closet. It’s a warm, comfortable space for me to get away."

-To stick with a garden theme, Barbara brought in her outside bird bath to use a table base beside her reading chair.

-For a true retreat, skip the electronics, and leave your work at the office.

-Barbara had four very different kinds of lighting installed in her dressing room to be sure she can set just the right tone.

-Surround yourself with personal items you love.

-Cabinets double as storage and display space.

-Invest in a big, comfy chair that will envelop you as you read or relax.