Green Towson Alliance Volunteers 
are Helping to make Towson a Healthier Place to Live and Work

When Towson residents Carol Newill, Wendy Jacobs and Beth Miller founded the Green Towson Alliance in the spring of 2015, they were driven by a common mission: To unite local environmentalists to achieve a greener, healthier, more beautiful community, through collaboration and activism.

The organization focuses its energy in four main areas: neighborhood tree planting and maintenance events; partnering with neighbors to clean up Towson streams; collaborating with neighborhoods and local government to create parks; and advocating for green development policies and practices.

In three years, the organization has had a significant positive impact on the community. Members helped achieve the expansion of Towson Manor Park by Towson Library and successfully encouraged the county to buy a 2.3-acre property the Radebaugh Florist family offered for a neighborhood park near Aigburth and Maryland Avenues. Construction on what will soon be Radebaugh Neighborhood Park will begin this summer.

The group also helped block the construction of a large gas station at the corner of York and Bosley Roads, citing research suggesting benzene from the fumes would be detrimental to the health of children attending school on the adjacent property.

Each fall, GTA organizes neighborhood tree plantings. To date, they have planted hundreds of trees.

This March and April, the GTA will sponsor its third annual spring stream cleanup, as part of Project Clean Stream of the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay. Volunteers are needed.

While there is no formal membership, and no cost to participate, between 60 and 100 residents are actively involved at any given time. Members meet as a group every two months. 

“A lot of people recognize it’s so important to try to have a better, healthier environment in Towson,” Carol says. “It’s wonderful. There’s a lot of enthusiasm and previously untapped energy.”