John Hopkins’ Astrophysics Team Wins Significant Scientific Award

A group of astrophysicists at Johns Hopkins University was recently named the recipient of a $3 million Breakthrough Prize award. Since 2012, the Breakthrough Prize awards have recognized individuals or teams in the field of physics, life sciences and mathematics who have made significant contributions that deserve wide public acclaim. 

The team from Hopkins, led by astrophysicist Charles Bennett, directed the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe. Working privately and with NASA from 2001 to 2010, the team made significant contributions to determining the exact age of and materials that comprise the universe. Their findings revealed with significant certainty that the universe is about 13.8 billion years old and composed chiefly of dark matter and energy.

Developers Selected to Overhaul Baltimore’s Penn Station

Towson regional commuters may well have an immense range of food and shop options on their way through Penn Station in the future. Amtrak, which manages Penn Station, has announced a wide spread of local developers who will have a hand in reshaping the region’s historic rail transportation hub. Among the selected developers are Beatty Development Group, Cross Street Partners, Gensler, RK&K and Cho Benn Holback, all of which will be on the development team known as Penn Station Partners. Central to the development is the creation of a new retail space that will complement the historical portions of the building and include shops, restaurants and a hotel. According to Mayor Catherine Pugh, this development represents a welcome turning point for Baltimore as a transportation hub.

“This development is a historic opportunity for Amtrak and Penn Station Partners to bring to life a bold future for Penn Station, generating jobs and sustained economic opportunities for our Baltimore communities and beyond,” the mayor said in a statement.

Towson Soon to be Home to 
New Craft Beer Pub

In yet another addition to Towson’s growing list of gastropubs, the county seat will soon be home to a new craft beer bar. The Brass Tap, a popular craft beer bar chain based in Florida will be setting up shop in the Towson Town Center between the Nordstrom and TGI Fridays. 

Mike Kettle, a recently retired Air Force veteran with more than 32 years of service, will be the owner of the new franchise. According to Kettle, the bar will serve traditional pub fare including burgers and tacos as well as a few local favorites like crab cakes. On the spirits side, the bar will offer 60 different artisan beers, many of which will be popular local brews such as Heavy Seas and Union Craft Brewing.

“We’re looking forward to getting going,” Kettell said. “It’s been a long road for us, and this is a huge process.” 

Volunteers add Greenery to 
West Towson Park

Thanks to the efforts of about a dozen volunteers, West Towson Park is now home to 14 new, healthy trees. The new trees, which line the perimeter of the park, are a result of a collaboration between Green Towson Alliance, Southland Hills Improvement Association and Goucher College. The Green Towson Alliance spearheaded the planting as part of their effort to foster a greener, healthier community in the greater Towson area. 

According to Janet Eveleth, spokeswoman for the Green Towson Alliance, the trees planted in West Towson Park are part of a group of 145 trees the organization has planted in West Towson since 2015. Among the trees planted were scarlet maples, black tupelos and willow oaks, all of which are native to the area. The trees were donated by Blue Water Baltimore, a local nonprofit whose aim is to preserve the area’s natural waterways. According to Fred Chalfan, an employee at Blue Water Baltimore, these new trees will help reduce runoff from West Towson Park into local waterways all while enhancing the beauty of the landscape. 

Baltimore County Announces Plans to Move Forward with New Park in Aigburth Manor Neighborhood

Baltimore County officials have announced they intend to pursue the development of Radebaugh Park in Towson’s Aigburth Manor Neighborhood. The park, which is slated to begin development in the spring, takes its name from the Radebaugh family who has operated a flower and florist shop for more than four generations on the property. The plot, between Aigburth Road and Burke Avenue, has three abandoned greenhouses and was sold to the country by the Radebaughs with the provision that the land be developed into a park. Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz’s office confirmed the county will uphold the agreement and fund the entire demolition of the greenhouses as well as the area’s transition to green space. Radebaugh’s Flower Shop will continue to operate at its original location on an adjacent property throughout the development.  

Plans for Old Towson Police 
Station To Become Apartments Move Forward

In an effort to revitalize one of Towson’s historic properties, plans have been announced to convert Towson’s old police station into an apartment complex by the end of 2018. The property, located at 308 Washington Ave., was previously to become the home of a Full Tilt Brewing pub. However, those plans were abandoned after Full Tilt announced plans to move to the Waverly neighborhood downtown. 

Ernie Rafailides, an employee of Bayview Management, a principle of the limited liability company that owns the old station, has said that the apartments will follow the elegant trend of the high-end Towson market. While the LLC has not yet obtained permits and is continuing to discuss financing, Rafailides is confident the project will see completion by late spring.