The Art, Science and Magic of Hex Ferments 5

The fermented foods and drinks made by Meaghan and Shane Carpenter, owners of Hex Ferments in Belvedere Square, appeal to the eyes as well as the palate. Deep yellow sauerkrauts, brilliant orange kimchis and bottles of kombucha tea that look like liquid jewels—these are just a few of the gorgeous, delicious creations Hex offers.

Meaghan and Shane both come from families that grew and preserved their own food, so when the couple settled in the Baltimore area, they sought a way to continue this tradition.

“We helped start two community gardens,” Meaghan says.

These days, they source the highest-quality organic produce from local farms.  

“Peak produce, grown locally without pesticides—that is the first and most important part of the HEX philosophy,” Shane says.

They put a portion of their profits back into the local agriculture community, helping young farmers build their operations.

The couple’s interest in fermentation grew from conversations with other community gardeners about cooking and sustainable living.

“Soon, with an abundance of cabbage and vegetables, we started making sauerkraut 10 gallons at a time,” Meaghan says.

At first, the couple jarred what they made in the kitchen to give as gifts, but soon friends began encouraging them to go into business.

“We didn’t directly pursue a life of being a fermentation business,” Shane says. “It pursued us!”

The process of fermentation is a time-consuming one involving patience and precise technical know-how.

“We don’t take shortcuts,” Meaghan says. “Each step in the process, from farm to fermentation, involves great care.”

The result is a line of distinct, delectable creations with bold flavors that will satisfy every craving. 

To learn about the myriad health benefits that come from eating super-nutritious fermented foods, visit or stop by the store at Belvedere Square Market. 529 E. Belvedere Ave.