As September comes and the change of weather approaches, so comes one of the essential issues of the season: the fashion issue.

Fashion: a—a prevailing custom, usage or style; b (1)—the prevailing style (as in dress) during a particular time; (2)—a garment in such a style.

Your style says a lot about you. It can signify where you came from, what you do and even bring to light some suppressed parts of your personality that come out only by the way you express yourself through your clothing.

So how do you express yourself? No matter your style, this fall there is something for everyone. When you’re feeling like the seasons and need a little change to your wardrobe, try some of these fall 2017 fashion trends—straight from the runways:

  • Mad for Plaid
  • Winter Florals
  • Dazzling Denim
  • Sparkling Silvers
  • Raging Red
  • Authentic Americana
  • Trench Time
  • Flocking Feathers

Whatever it is you choose to flaunt this season, may the contents of these pages inspire you to stand tall, stay confident and try out some new trends.

Stay stylish, Towson.

Maybe we’ll see you on the runway.