Fabulous Fashion and a Bus Named Elsa 2

Go-Go’s: A Mobile Vintage Clothing Shop

If you’ve ever visited the Towson Farmers Market, you may have seen Elsa—an old school bus painted bright, swirling colors that has been reincarnated as a mobile vintage clothing shop called Go-Go’s.

“I named her after Elsa Lanchester,” says Go-Go’s owner/operator, Stacey Chambers, a 38-year-old Reno native who’s called Baltimore home for 14 years. “She was the actress who played in ‘Bride of Frankenstein.’”

Stacey also has a forearm tattoo of the actress in full monster bride hair and makeup.

“My grandmother and I watched that movie all the time,” she remembers, fondly.

In 2010, Stacey started Go-Go’s after leaving an unfulfilling job as a property manager.

“I’ll never make enough to retire to the Bahamas,” she says, laughing. “But there’s more to life than making lots of money.”

Stacey loves the freedom of a business on wheels.

“I’ve had some extraordinary conversations with amazing people,” she says. “I’ve gained insights that have made me a better person.”

Ever since she was a kid, Stacey has loved vintage clothing.

“It’s in my blood,” she says, explaining that her mother operated a used clothing store in Reno when Stacey was growing up.

Style runs in Stacey’s family. She recalls her grandmother, her “style icon,” wearing bell-bottoms with buttons up the sides and a turban. Somehow, the outfit worked.

“The key to putting together a successful outfit is to not worry about trends,” Stacey says. “Dress to make yourself happy—you can’t go wrong.”

Walking up to Elsa, you’ll see hats, sunglasses and cool jewelry items: necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets ranging in price from $5 to $40 for sterling silver and stones. Inside, running from front to back, hang hundreds of vintage clothing pieces: quirky T-shirts, unique dresses and skirts from every era, and other more exotic items that Stacey’s found during her travels abroad. Every item was hand-picked, and Stacey has a great eye for fashion.

“I can glance at a rack of clothing and instantly identify the best piece amongst the crap,” she says.

The inventory at Go-Go’s changes daily. If you see something you like, grab it before someone else does.

In addition to her regular gig at the Towson Farmers Market—the second, fourth and fifth Thursdays of the month—Stacey and Elsa also frequent the JFX Farmer’s Market every Sunday, along with less-regular pop-ups in Hampden and at myriad music festivals around Maryland, all weather permitting.

For more information, visit ShopGoGos.com.