Legends on the Rise 4

Indie Rock Band Juggles Live Gigs and Working on their Second Album with Schoolwork

Legends of Et cetera: Serena Miller, vocals, guitar; Mack Watson, keys; Graham von Briesen, bass; and Jacob Coburn, drums, are a Towson-area indie rock band who released their first full-length album, “Coyote,” in 2015. What makes this all the more impressive is that when the album debuted, they were all still in high school.

Serena, Mack and Graham have known each other since preschool, and music has always been part of their friendship.

“When we were 11, we started a band called The Oxi-Morons,” Serena remembers. “We got the name from those crazy television commercials for OxiClean.”

About a year later, Serena and Jacob met at the Baltimore School of Rock and together formed the band Riot! When Towson’s legendary Recher Theater closed down in 2013, Riot! was invited to play the closing party.

“Jacob and I invited Mack and Graham to join us, and we’ve been playing together ever since,” Serena says.

If you have yet to listen to Legends of Et cetera, you’re in for a treat. From soft and melodic to full-on headbanging rock, the band creates a sound with tremendous range and depth. Songs like “Give Up the Ghost” and “Coyote,” both of which get frequent radio play on WTMD, make use of guitar riffs that will stay in your head for weeks. “Volcano,” an eruptive instrumental, highlights each band member’s chops, including drum work that brings to mind Dave Grohl a la Nirvana. Lyrically, too, the band distinguishes itself. For “Coyote,” the band tapped into personal experience for inspiration, and the result is a 14-song album that wrestles with the universal, abstract themes of love, heartache, fear and revenge, to name a few, in a way that is intimate, concrete and accessible.

Even before the release of “Coyote,” Legends had a devoted following and the reputation as a band bound for greatness. This status was crystallized when they took the runner-up spot in WTMD’s Baltimore Band Block Party, a competition featuring the region’s most talented musicians. Since then, they’ve been busy rehearsing and playing lots of live gigs—including one at Baltimore/Washington International Airport baggage carousel five as part of a showcase for great music from DC and Baltimore—and working on material for their much-anticipated second album.

They do all this while juggling schoolwork. Serena, who attended Baltimore School for the Arts, just finished her first year at the Peabody Conservatory, and Mack, a Calvert Hall grad, is a first-year student at Marymount Manhattan College. Graham will be a senior at Towson High School in the fall, and Jacob graduated from Towson High last year.

Keep an eye open for upcoming show dates and news of their second album. In the meantime, you can preview and purchase “Coyote” on their website, LegendsOfEtCetera.com.